A Goal for Nature

A goal for nature!

Building new and exciting partnerships with local businesses in Paraguay is a major goal of the TREECYCLE project. We’ve got some great news to share! Our team is happy to announce that we have finalised a partnership with the Guaireña Football Club of Villarrica, Paraguay! TREECYCLE is proud to support excellence and growth across all channels, and the Guaireña team is a shining example of what can happen when a group of motivated individuals come together with a common goal.

The Guaireña club has seen massive success both on the domestic and international stages – competing with and even beating clubs with much more resources and internationally known football stars at their disposal.What is the secret? The team will tell you it boils down to passion and community support. As one walks the streets of Villarrica, he/she can’t help but notice a sea of blue and white shirts displaying the Guaireña logo.It is immediately clear that this team has incredible support from the entire region. Old & young, male & female – everyone is quick to show their support and love for the team.

This incredible community spirit breathes life and energy into the region and brings people together like nothing else. While we have football fanatics in Europe, everyone knows that there is a different level of dedication in South America! The passion and support that the community in Villarrica displays for their team bubbles over into all aspects of life. If you have joined us on our investor trips to Paraguay, then you know first hand the openness and friendliness of the people – it really is a breath of fresh air! If you haven’t had the chance yet to see the region for yourself, head over to here to check the next travel possibilities.

TREECYCLE has committed to supporting the Guaireña club for the 2021season – fans will see our logo and message displayed on the field at all home games.