A cultivated farm in Paraguay

Looking for a way to safely invest your savings? Do you also want to invest your assets to increase their value? With this investment you can achieve even more for yourself: Your “Plan P” is your personal declaration of independence.

  • With our full service to your own independence

  • Sustainable forestry, vegetable and fruit production

  • Legally secure and tax optimized

  • Real values. Real value growth.

    At the latest in view of the Corona pandemic, it should have become clear to investors how susceptible to fluctuations many supposedly stable value investments actually are. The forest and farm concept is a real alternative that gives you tangible values and a range of possibilities. From the pure cultivation of farmland and the marketing of high-quality, sustainable products to your own farm, which you can also use as a residence if you wish. One thing is certain: our newly cultivated areas achieve a high increase in value on a legally binding and unassailable basis.

  • Favorable conditions for your investment

    Why Paraguay, actually? Quite simple: the land not only provides the areas we need for our reforestation projects. As one of the world’s most water-rich countries, Paraguay also offers optimal growing conditions for the fast-growing and particularly high-yielding eucalyptus that we plant on a large scale. Compared to the neighboring countries of the MERCOSUR region, entry into Paraguay is also extremely favorable.

  • Areas in any size

    You acquire an area of forest or farmland to be determined by location and use. We have land available in every size – for a minimum investment of 1 million euros, for example, you get 100 hectares of fertile land, incl. Schaffung der nötigen Infrastruktur sowie Aufforstung. We offer you many years of experience and competent advice on all aspects of your value-enhancing investment. If you wish, we can work with you to develop an individual business plan for the optimal management of the area you have purchased.

Full service for your investment

For your investment we offer a full service package. It contains in detail every single management service and all administration and foundation costs for your specially set up company, which we hand over to you ready for use. All one-time and ongoing expenses are of course presented to you in a completely transparent manner. This includes :

  • All plantings and expenses incurred

  • For work to be performed by the specialists

  • For distribution, logistics and sales of your products

Buy areas. Life-create the foundations.

Locally based employees trained by us will manage your land. By selling forestry and agricultural products, you ensure sustainable earnings for yourself. At the same time, you contribute with your investment to securing the livelihood of the local people. In other words: Your money is invested in sustainable projects that are not only good for your return. But at the same time good for the people who implement them.

A dream come true: your own farm

Dreaming of your own farm? We will help you to fulfill this dream – construction of the individually equipped farm house included. With pool and air conditioning on request, and always without hidden costs: we show all expenses in detail, excluding additional costs. This includes the complete management via a work contract with a term of 22 years with a corresponding extension option.

Who is in the land registry? You, of course.

All sales of timber and value-added wood as well as organic products are made on the basis of specifications that you, as the owner of the land, have laid down in advance – because no matter what your individual Plan P looks like: Every single investment project is secured by registered ownership of the purchased land. Would you like to know more? Contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

Your farm, your possibilities

We offer you a wide range of sustainable products. Our full-service management ensures regular yields from valuable and energy woods and from a purely organic fruit and vegetable production. In addition, we will be happy to set up a fish, cattle or bee farm for you.
Nachhaltige Eukalyptusanpflanzung

Sustainable Eucalyptus planting

Cattle farming (silvo pastoral)

Organic vegetables cultivation

Organic fruit cultivation

Organic honey cultivation

Organic fish farming

All info about our offers

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Why Paraguay?

Paraguay is the result of a long search. Many factors and criteria played an important role in the search for a suitable location. Paraguay offers unique advantages for investors and expatriates. It provides optimal conditions for reforestation. The economic, social and legal conditions are also optimal. To introduce you to the country, its advantages and opportunities, we have created a short film for you.

The heart of Latin America:

Seven convincing reasons for Paraguay


Discover with us the heart of Latin America

Travel with us through beautiful Paraguay. Get to know our reforestation areas, the country and its culture.
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