Long-term return on investment.
Sustainable projects.

Do you want to invest money in high-yield ventures for the long term? We offer you a range of options, all of which have something in common: Your money doesn’t just work for you. But within the framework of sustainable projects that are a win-win for everyone involved.

Jorg Schäfer
Co – Founder & CEO

Create your own TREE Cycle of Life®

Invest once, benefit permanently:
The TreeCycle of Life® is your key to returns that last.

from 253 €

Your own forest

Do you want to invest your money securely? Invest in a raw material that grows back. And thanks to the growing global demand, it offers you the prospect of a secure return even in times of crisis.

from 8.204 €

Your own farm

Are you looking for a safe haven for your money outside the Eurozone? We will be happy to show you how your dream of Plan B for your life can become a very concrete “Plan P”.

from 300.000 €


The fastest growing
hardwood tree in the world

An investment in wood is always a long-term investment. With GTP you invest your money in the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world. This means that your yields will also grow rapidly.

Why our work is good for all

Profiting by investing in a top raw material in demand worldwide without generating profits at the expense of people and nature – is that even possible? We are convinced that there is no other way in the long term. That is why we have focused on sustainability and made it the root of GTP’s business model. The result: a true win-win situation.

A consistent
return for our

An added value
for Nature and

A livable
future for


Good for the Nature

With our reforestation, we make fallow areas usable again. In this way, we create the long-term conditions for the primeval forest to reclaim this habitat and for a healthy ecosystem to re-emerge.


Good for People

We want to do justice not only to nature. We also want to involve the local people who live in and from it. Fair compensation is therefore a matter of course for us. So is our commitment to local charitable projects.

Our Vision and Ambition

Reforesting the forest of Paraguay

Experts who have studied the global reforestation potential are convinced: planting trees is the most efficient way to reduce the CO2 content in the atmosphere and counteract the consequences of climate change. Paraguay offers a number of unique conditions that predestine the country for reforestation projects.

So that you can follow the current development around your investment as closely as possible, there is our blog. Here you can find out everything about our Eucalyptus Plantations, our virgin Forest Projects, and our Social Commitment. We give deeper insights into our work and our offer and information about current events. Take a look!

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