Welcome to the Global Tree Project!

One colour clearly dominates here – the colour green!
Not only is it the colour of this page, but also of our vision and projects. Together we can make sure that our future will be full of wonderful green nature and that there will actually be a future!

About us

We are the Global Tree Projekt AG – a group of future-orientated visionaries

We have realised that we need nature much more than it needs us. Without the Earth as we know it, humans would have no place to call home. We would have no clean air to breath when we need it. If humanity keeps treating the Earth and nature as they have done up until now, we will soon reach the point of no return. We should remind ourselves that even the smallest things can make a difference – and that is exactly what we focus on.

Our forests are possibly the greatest positive force in nature. They give us the air we breathe. They give animals a home and children the best and most natural playground in the world. However, with every day these forests are disappearing – little by little. The main reason for that is deforestation by humans.

We at the Global Tree Project have decided to do the exact opposite: we plant forests! We want to give nature back what humans have taken away from it – its trees!


Our projects are just as diverse as nature itself. Let us give you an initial insight by introducing you to three of our projects:


Tree Nursery in Paraguay

Paraguay is defined, not least, by the breathtaking beauty of its nature. It is this beauty, however, that has been severely diminished in the last few years. In order to counteract this development, we have been supporting the reforestation of the Atlantic Rainforest. For this reason our reforestation partner took over the Tree Nursery in Paso Pe in Villarrica in 2011 and systematically rebuilt it. This included the construction of greenhouses, a production hall, new fences and urgently needed irrigation systems. These combined efforts have enabled us to optimise reforestation and ensure that the various native kinds of trees will not disappear from our planet. Our seedlings are used, among other things, as part of the reforestation programme “A Todo Pulmon – Paraguay Respira”, which is supported by the government. With our tree nursery we are laying important foundations to rebuild Paraguay’s forests little by little and to give the country back what it needs and deserves.

Quality wood and wood fuel

Not only do we reforest the existing natural forests, we also want to protect them. By planting trees specifically for industrial use on fallow land, we prevent existing forests from being used. In doing so, we are able to generate sustainable earnings from producing quality wood, trunk wood and wood fuel. Also, in this case, cultivation is naturally ecological and sustainable. The generated wood is then sold on local markets since there is a particularly high need for it. This is a starting point which needs to be focused on in order to stop the massive deforestation of natural forests and to protect nature.

Mixed woodland
reforestation in Paraguay

Mixed woodland offers the best option for reforestation which is why we also want to make an impact in this area. In May 2010 our partner in Mbocayaty started the mixed woodland reforestation project with the planting of eucalyptus, which was soon extended with the planting of various native tree species. The total area of this reforestation project comprises 221 hectares. Across 70 acres the current forest has been re-cultivated with the planting of native trees. It goes without saying that this cultivation is completely aligned with our ecological and sustainable philosophy. The use of herbicides is, for example, entirely avoided and replaced by planting beans as intercropping. Not only do they prevent the growth of grass, but they also provide additional important yields.